Not responding to texts… is he uninterested?
26 March 2021, 14:41

5 days ago I gave a guy my number. He texted me later and we were texting back and forth without a beat. Recently he’s been very dry and inconsistent. He has multiple jobs so I’m fine with the inconsistency but sometimes he starts conversations and doesn’t finish or continue them and i’m left looking stupid. He doesn’t ask me any questions because he’s not comfortable yet. (Doesn’t make sense to me bc how else would you get to know someone especially over text???) He’s busy so I usually don’t bother waiting for a text but I’m starting to think he just doesn’t like me (despite him telling me he does). I asked my guy friends and they said when they meet a girl they like and have her number they’ll make time to text them no matter what. I don’t wanna waste my time so much so I told him if he doesn’t like me he can just tell me and I’ll be off his back but HE decided he wants to get to know each other more. I’ll try to talk to him more irl but I’m starting to think he has lost interest. What do you guys think?

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