I (28M) matched with a girl I know, but is the ex-gf of someone I know as well
30 March 2021, 15:57

So in the past month or two I've (28M) gotten into OLD, tinder mostly. I've never had much luck with any dating apps, I typically find myself at my best when I meet people in person anyway, but COVID has made that more challenging in the last year.

Anyway, I matched with someone I know, and I am attracted to. Problem is, she's my good friend's, friend's, ex-gf. Yes I do know the guy, and yes I knew them when they were dating. I wouldn't say we were exactly good friends though, and I haven't talked to either of them since COVID began.

Is this just too weird for me to start talking to her? I haven't made any move yet so I might just be overthinking something that won't coalesce into anything anyway, but I can't decide on how to proceed.

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