24 March 2021, 14:52

So let me give some background. I have been with my bf for 3.5 years. We got together 6 months after his girlfriend of 6 years broke up with him. He told me that he cheated on her with his ex girlfriend from high school who he dated for 5 years during the first year of their relationship. Things were good after he made a clean break from his high school ex and they lasted for another 5 years until she broke up with him. (He was denying her sex, getting into porn, becoming cold etc, and that contributed to her breaking up with him and moving on)

Fast forward, they shared a dog until about 2 months of us dating. I told him it made me uncomfortable and one of them would eventually have to make a decision to keep the dog. So he let her have him. A year after this, he told me she would contact him from time to time (happy birthday, miscellaneous and harmless stuff, etc) Its not all the time he would tell me she contacts him but the fact that she still does is strange to me. In November, she sent him a video on "sexual consent" from Red Table Talk, with no explanation. He asked her why she was sending that to him and she said um.... He ignored that text. I asked him why he does not just block her. He said she is worried for her mental state if he does that. Turns out he ended up blocking her because it made me uncomfortable.

I recently discovered her IG in his recent search history on social media. I have not asked him about it yet but I want to know, should I be concerned? Her page is private and they do not follow each other, but this is not the first time he has checked her IG throughout our relationship. We live together and have talked about getting engaged and he says he loves me but it makes me wonder if him still checking her IG is healthy or if he still hasnt gotten over the breakup. He may still be worried about her mental health and I understand ppl are curious especially if you are the one who got broken up with. They had a very long and intense relationship and lived together the last year they were together, so with that it makes me weary about whether he is completely done or not. Am I making excuses for him? Is this healthy for him? Please help.

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23 February 2021, 17:13

I would love to meet people with the same music as me! Why has this taken so long to come? (If it ever does) - Their socials are up to date (and super quirky) so fingers crossed.

Take a look:

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23 February 2021, 17:13

So, i matched this girl on Tinder. We spoke for a week with meaningful converstations with sincere interest in both of our lives, everything seemed to go fine. Then all of a sudden she stopped responding in the middle of the conversation.

I tried grabbing her attention again by sending a gif with a funny text accompanying it, but she hasn't responded on it. This last message was now almost a week ago, should i wait longer? Or just accept that it was the last time we spoke?

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23 February 2021, 17:13
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Everyone knows that if you're dumped and your ex changes their mind and wants to get back together, it's up to them to reach out to you. However, fear of rejection and/or pride may stop them from doing that.

Dating/relationship expert Lucia reveals 10 signs your ex wants you to contact them, even though they broke up with you.

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23 February 2021, 17:08
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If you want to get your ex back, there are many reasons why following the no contact rule is your best bet.  However, it's not easy and you'll be tempted to break it many times. Dating/relationship expert Lucia reveals the #1 reason why you must absolutely stay in no contact, no matter what.

Phone/Skype Coaching


23 February 2021, 17:08

She(20f) liked me(21m) in a mutual friend's pic. I asked my friend to introduce us, because honestly I wanted to gain some experience. She texted first. We texted for a week. She asked me out in a subtle way which I missed. Realising that I asked her out the next day. She agreed. This was all on texts. We can't meet, we're too far apart. She asked for a pic of my abs and she was impressed. And she overly complimented my looks on a story I posted. We had some intense texting sessions stretching more than 1.5hrs.We did a video call.

Now her health hasn't been good lately so I just showed some care like " Drink fluids, take rest". " Are you feeling better? ".

Now we had been texting for 15 days. I left an open ended conversation today, she didn't reply for 8hrs. I ask the mutual friend to check up. And she tells him that he's been too caring like bff/bf. And she can't reciprocate those feelings. I'm lost.

Edit: the thing is she didn't want a casual relationship so I thought I could show some care.

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23 February 2021, 17:08

I (18M) recently broke up with my gf(19F) we had an argument and she texted me in a really harsh way disrespected me didn't trust me even doubted my love for her and in those texts even though I didn't wanna finish the relationship and said lets be careful about how we act and continue she kept on telling me the same things. 2 hours after we agreed on continuing our relationship and ended the conversation she texted and same dialogue again.

This time she really crossed the border and I said I don't love u anymore lets break up I couldnt handle it. I broke up with her and she cried a lot saying nothing was real than if it could end this easily.

Just the next day she texted again saying I still love u is there really no way we could continue I told her its over like 10 times that day.

Today I went to her house to pick up somethings and she started crying saying "I regret everything I said I swear I would never be like that I broke your heart a lot in that talk I realised it after reading it through again I am so sorry please forgive me I really regret it and I will never ever act like that again so please If u love me even a little bit please believe and forgive me" her sound and eyes were looking at me so regretted and when I saw her there something softened me and I said "u know I have anatomy exam this Monday I dont wanna think about anything other than that exam now but after the exam I will think about it and give u an answer but I am so heart broken right now" now I feel like I still love her a little I'm really confused on what to do I told all the friends who asked how is it going that we broke up some asked how I told them everything and most of my friends who listened me said "u did well with breaking up after seeing those texts"

I'm in med school but because of the pandemic I can't go to my uni so I live with my parents at the moment and my mom who knows everything (I always ask her for advice) said I always supported u till now but if u turn back to her I will not support it and call u an idiot after everything that happened.

So now im really confused should I trust her promise and say screw my pride I'm going back or should I say I'm so heart broken and don't wanna go on. Please help me out I'm having hard time focusing on my lessons because of these. I Still feel like I love her but I'm not sure about my feelings because she spoke too harsh believe me too harsh.

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09 February 2021, 16:34
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The reason your ex broke up with you is usually because their interest level in you went down. However, what causes someone to lose attraction and dump their partner? Using points from LMFT Tory Eletto (@nytherapist on IG), dating/relationship expert Lucia reveals 9 reasons why your ex left you.

09 February 2021, 16:32 – In this latest installment of Carlos Cavallo’s dating advice and relationship advice series, you’ll find some priceless advice on relationships: Carlos shows you how to be mysterious to men! In this week’s Dating and Relationship Advice podcast, Carlos reveals more dating tips and relationship advice… So get started by listening to the podcast – click play now!

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09 February 2021, 16:29

Kimmy and Liza are joined by new dater CARLYNNE to deconstruct VALENTINE'S DAY - the good, the sad, the lame, the embarrassing. They also talk about app chat and some notably bad/weird experiences Carlynne has had. Are men okay? Follow us @51FirstDatesPod on Instagram! Send your worst first date stories to Subscribe to our Substack at And don't forget to join our secret Facebook group! Check out our bonus episodes and other exclusive content on Patreon: We're in the top 15 podcasts on Feedspot!

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